Cancer Prevention Study-3

Cancer Prevention Study-3

Research today for a cancer-free tomorrow.

What is the Cancer Prevention Study-3?
The American Cancer Society is inviting men and women between the ages of 30 and 65 who have never been diagnosed with cancer to join a historic research study – Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3). The purpose of CPS-3 is to better understand the lifestyle, behavioral, and other factors that may prevent and/or cause cancer and to ultimately eliminate this disease as a major health problem for this and future generations. By joining CPS-3, you can help them understand how to prevent cancer, which will save more lives and give people more of their most precious resource: time. More time with families and friends, more memories, more celebrations…and more birthdays.

Enrollment is a simple process. At your enrollment appointment ( for a full list of enrolling locations), you will be asked to sign an informed consent, complete a survey packet, and provide a waist circumference measurement and a small blood sample. The blood sample will be taken by a certified, trained phlebotomist and your appointment will last approximately 30 minutes. You will be asked to complete mailed questionnaires every few years to update lifestyle, environmental, and medical information.

CPS-3 is funded and managed by the American Cancer Society Department of Epidemiology & Surveillance Research (Analytic Epidemiology program). The Analytic Epidemiology program conducts, analyzes, and publishes original research on the causes and prevention of cancer utilizing these large follow-up studies.

Participants will be followed for at least 20 years. This means once you are enrolled they will be contacting you periodically with mailed surveys for you to answer. While you may be in the study for many years, they expect the amount of time it will take you to answer a survey to be minimal (about 45 minutes for the follow-up surveys).

There will be an ongoing peer review of CPS-3 by cancer researchers from many prominent university and research institutions. Review and oversight by the Emory University IRB (Institutional Review Board) continues throughout the study. When a study has completed active enrollment, the IRB continues to provide oversight while investigators analyze questionnaire and biological data.

If you are diagnosed with cancer while you are still participating in CPS-3, they will ask you for written permission to seek more information about your diagnosis and treatment from your doctor and from your medical record. At that time, you can agree to give them permission or not. Since risk factors for cancer may differ by various pathologic characteristics (like tumor location, tissue type, etc.) the best source for accurate information on specific tumor features is the medical record.

It is important to them that you learn results from CPS-3 as soon as possible. They will send you annual newsletters with highlights of the study results. CPS-3 results will also be published in scientific journals, and they will post these on the American Cancer Society website (, and provide links to the articles.

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