Nine Ways a Geriatric Care Manager Can Save Families Money

It’s a fact of life that health care costs increase — often dramatically — the older we get. The Mid-Atlantic Geriatric Care Managers, Inc. has identified nine ways that a professional geriatric care manager can help families contain and reduce health care costs for their aging loved ones.

  1. Community resource referrals: Geriatric care managers can provide recommendations for free or low-cost products and services available through local community resources.
  2. Getting the most out of your insurance: Geriatric care managers will check to see if you have secondary insurance that will cover some of your health care costs, and also inform you of Veterans Administration (VA), Medicare and Medicaid benefits that may be available to you.
  3. Eliminating or avoiding duplicate expenditures: sometimes seniors forget what they have already purchased, and unwittingly end up paying for duplicative insurance, clothing, food and other expenses. A geriatric care manager can detect when a client is spending money unnecessarily.
  4. Travel expenses: If caregiving relatives live far away, a nearby geriatric care manager can arrange for local caregiving assistance that will save family members from expensive air travel and other travel costs.
  5. Avoiding lost wages: A geriatric care manager can oversee client care, thereby reducing the amount of time that adult children need to take off from work to monitor or care for mom, dad or other loved ones.
  6. Reducing utility costs: Many utility companies offer discounts to senior citizens. Geriatric care managers are aware of these discount programs and can arrange for these services on behalf of their clients.
  7. Make better financial decisions: Geriatric care managers can connect clients with competent and qualified financial planners who can advise them on the best investment choices and also monitor whether clients are spending money excessively on unnecessary purchases.
  8. Discovering hidden assets: when a house is cleaned and put in order, sometimes hidden money or other valuables are discovered.
  9. Savings in time and efficiency: Geriatric care managers are aware of — and can refer clients to – numerous resources that can save clients time and money.

The Mid-Atlantic Professional Care Managers, Inc. provides a number of specific examples where geriatric care managers have saved families thousands and tens of thousands of dollars by identifying insurance eligibility and free and low-cost services available to clients.

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