Five Things You Should Know About Hospice Care: November is National Hospice Month

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, in recognition of the dedicated people and organizations that provide comfort and caregiving to people living with terminal illnesses.

Every year, more than 1.58 million people receive hospice care, according to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO).

Hospice care is different from traditional medical care. It offers comfort, love and respect to individuals, patients and family members throughout the period of time when one’s life is coming to an end.

Five Things You Should Know About Hospice Care

  1. Hospice care is usually provided in the home – wherever the patient calls home.
  2. Hospice cares for people with any kind of life-limiting illness.
  3. Hospice is fully covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private health plans and HMOs.
  4. Hospice is not limited to six months of care.
  5. Hospice is not “giving up”. The focus of hospice care is on caring, not curing.
    1. Individuals and families receiving hospice care are provided with:

      • expert pain management,
      • symptom control,
      • emotional support, and
      • spiritual care

      Who Provides Hospice Care?

      Hospice care is provided by a highly trained team of professionals and volunteers, usually in the patient’s home. This approach allows family members and loved ones to remain close by and in familiar, comfortable surroundings during the months and days before life ends.

      94% of Families Rate Hospice Care Good to Excellent

      Research by NHPCO has found that 94 percent of families who had a loved one cared for by hospice rated the care as very good to excellent.

      “Hospice is not brink-of-death care intended for the last days of life only,” stays Dr. J. Donald Schumacher, President and CEO of NHCPO. “Hospice care is most effective for patients and families in the final months of life when families can take full advantage of the range of services hospice provides.”

      Palliative care brings the same interdisciplinary team approach earlier in the course of a serious illness. Hospices are the largest providers of palliative care services in the country. Many organizations work together to offer seamless, coordinated care throughout the course of a serious illness.

      If you are wondering if hospice is right for you or your loved one, you can start by contacting NHPCO’s Caring Connections at or by calling the Hospice HelpLine at 800-658-8898.

      Cleansing Water Caregivers Support Hospice Workers

      If you have a family member in need of hospice care, Cleansing Water can help. Call us today at (540) 347-0412 for assistance locating and connecting with hospice care providers.

      Hospice T-Shirt Sales Support the Work of Hospice

      If you would like to support the work of hospice organizations, consider purchasing a “Comfort. Love. Respect.” t-shirt from the NHPCO Marketplace or by calling 1-800-646-6460.  All proceeds from the t-shirt sales benefit national hospice outreach efforts.

      For More Information

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